On endorsement, is Maltese Citizenship allowed forever?


Yes, after getting the endorsement of naturalization, the Applicant and dependants get to be holders of Maltese citizenship forever.

Will my citizenship expire?

No, there is no expiration date for any citizenship which has been granted. This can be enjoyed for life and also for future generations.

How many countries can I travel to without needing a Visa?

You can travel to 168 countries without needing a Visa. Maltese passport is one of the top 10 ranked passports globally when it comes to Visa-free travelling

Could Maltese Citizenship be repudiated?

Disavowal for the most part happens on the premise of any of the comprehensive grounds that the principle Act stipulates. Nonetheless, the Act recommends that the Applicant under the IIP might be denied of his Maltese citizenship in the event that he neglects to conform to the prerequisite to buying or renting a private property in Malta or to make interests in Malta or on the off chance that he turns into a risk to national security or included in behavior that is truly biased to the basic hobbies of Malta. Perused more on the Revocation of Maltese Citizenship under Maltese Law.

What's the expense of getting Citizenship?

The Contribution that should be paid under the IIP towards the National Development and Social Funds (NDSF) are the accompanying:

EUR 650,000 for the Main Applicant [EUR 10,000 thereof is a non-refundable store that should be paid preceding the accommodation of the application];

EUR 25,000 for the Spouse;

EUR 25,000 for each kid beneath the age of 18;

EUR 50,000 for each unmarried kid between the age of 18 and 26;

EUR 50,000 for each dependant guardian over the age of 55.

The Due Diligence Fees payable to Identity Malta:

EUR 7,500 for the Main Applicant;

EUR 5,000 for the Spouse;

EUR 3,000 for each kid between the age of 13 and 18;

EUR 5,000 for each unmarried kid between the age of 18 and 26;

EUR 5,000 for each dependant guardian over the age of 55.

International ID Fees: EUR 500 for each visa.

Bank Charges: The bank charges expense due per application is of EUR 200.

How will new citizens be taxed?

Taxation in Malta is based on domicile and residence – not citizenship. Obtaining Maltese citizenship does not automatically cause the applicant to acquire a new domicile. Becoming a citizen of Malta need not have any consequences regarding taxation.

Tax is due only on income and capital gains arising in Malta. A non-resident citizen of Malta is only taxable in Malta on that income which is generated in Malta.

Other Tax Considerations: 

  • No inheritance or death taxes
  • No estate duty
  • No net worth or wealth taxes
  • No municipal taxes, rates or real estate taxes
Are persons naturalized as Maltese residents qualified for double citizenship?

The Maltese Citizenship Act gives the award to double citizenship to all Maltese natives with no refinement. In any case, a Maltese resident might just hold the citizenship of another state where the law of such state likewise gives there to.

In uprightness of European Union (EU) law, each Maltese national is additionally an European native.

What are the time allotments for an Application for Maltese Citizenship?

The procedure to definite endorsement is relied upon to be finished inside of 4 to 6 months with a most extreme time limit set up by law at 2 years for troublesome cases. For persons not officially occupant in Malta, this intended to be finished inside of two years which begin to keep running from the date of use. The base period is that of six months. In any case, a time of twelve months of residency must be considered as a necessity that should be satisfied promptly before the date of utilization.

Do I need to purchase property in Malta?

The Maltese Global Residence Program (GRP), then again, offers candidates to end up a perpetual occupant of Malta, free go to all European nations inside of the Schengen range, and the choice to apply for a work license. Be that as it may, this license should be reestablished yearly to maintain a strategic distance from close. The GRP does not prompt EU citizenship, and it doesn’t bring about getting an European identification. The yearly cost (repeating least assessment) under the worldwide home project is around €15,000 barring legitimate charges, and the candidate is required to either buy nearby property esteemed at no under €220,000 or rent neighborhood property at a yearly rent of no under €8,750.

Which Malta Government Entity is in charge of the IIP?

Identity Malta Agency (link) has been set up and endowed with forces with the end goal of releasing obligations as far as the Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP) . Personality Malta falls under the obligation of the Ministry for Justice (link). Be that as it may, Identity Malta does not get applications straightforwardly from candidates. Applications ought to be recorded through an affirmed law office in Malta. Since its unique discharge, the project permits any Maltese law office that has experienced the proper permitting procedure to handle applications specifically with Identity Malta. There is no syndication in giving administrations here however authorize persons are unequivocally directed.

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