About Us

Why choose us to get your passport or residence….We are a company with a difference which means we don’t just serve you as clients but we interact continuously with you to make sure you understand any procedure we undertake each step of the way. We have established a relationship with most of our clients not just on a professional but personal level by giving you our undivided attention and rechecking all issues that may crop up along the way.

Through our years of experience we have assisted a number of clients to reach their objective whether is to obtain citizenship or residence, perhaps also requiring our services to acquire passports or residence permit in Malta for family too, that is our main focus. We are represented by a law firm that has tremendous integrity, their legal support has been sought by government entities due to their knowledge and up to date approach with the latest laws applied in Europe as well as surrounding countries.

As a company in this field we have prospered over the last few years due to our 100 % success rate and how we handle each individual case by its own merit by applying different procedures for each applicant. We also treat all applications with suppressed confidentiality that we protect which earned us the devoted trust by all our clients.

Our results in achieving the ultimate has been proclaimed to be impeccable compared to other companies, as we approach each case ethically and irrespective of the nationality of the client or the complexity of their status. We guarantee to handle every application with efficiency and prudence that each of our client deserves. Our most sought out trademark is our ethics and perseverance. By using our discretion through our legal team, we have proven to help each of our client successfully meet and fulfill all obligatory requirements in a matter of not months but weeks to meet their ultimate objective to obtain credentials whether it be passport or residence. We have proven to make the impossible a reality…. to secure a better future for you and your family.